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Brand Protection

We are glad that you’ve chosen official Pump Cover® brand apparel and goods.  Pump Cover® apparel is specific branded apparel and goods brought to you by 4DH, LLC.  We work hard to bring you the best of the best, and to meet your expectations of the quality you have come to expect from 4DH.  You may hear others talking about wearing or selling “pump covers” that do not come from our company, or describing their clothing as a “pump cover.”  You should know those items are not “pump covers,” and generic “pump covers” really don’t even exist. Pump Cover® products from 4DH are the only authorized products bearing the Pump Cover® mark, which represents the top quality that you’ve come to expect from 4DH and, previously, its related company, All American Roughneck. Pump Cover® is our registered trademark that identifies the high quality apparel and related products offered by 4DH.  “Pump Cover” is not a generic noun, and it is not a descriptive term for clothing.  Please enjoy your authentic Pump Cover purchases!

As you can tell, we are proud of our Pump Cover® products and take the protection Pump Cover® trademark very seriously, and we hope that you, as our valued customers do, too. We want you to know and expect that anything carrying our Pump Cover® trademark is a top quality product that comes from us. Therefore, we ask that you please do not describe clothing that comes from someone other than 4DH as “pump covers”.  If you find Pump Cover® brand products or other products called “pump covers” manufactured, sold or distributed by third parties, you could be buying a counterfeit.

In addition to our Pump Cover® products, 4DH produces a host of products and owns many other registered and unregistered trademark rights. None of these trademark rights, or any confusingly similar trademarks can be used without our consent.

By buying counterfeit goods from someone other than 4DH:

  • you will not get the quality you are used to getting from 4DH, so at the end of the day you are paying for something that is not what you wanted or expected to get (and often that is a higher price!)
  • you may be supporting criminals, and even terrorist groups, which finance their activities through the sale of counterfeit products, in addition to other methods.  That is one of the reasons why we are committed to protecting our trademarks and trying to weed out counterfeit goods;
  • you may be supporting the production of goods which may be made under inhumane conditions and inadequate health and environmental standards; and
  • you hamper the ability of 4DH to continue to expand its product offerings and bring you the quality and variety of products that you deserve.

If a deal is too good to be true and you suspect it is not originating with us, you are probably encountering a counterfeit product. In case you find any such product on a website or an online marketplace, please contact us at legal@pumpcover.comLikewise, if you have found a suspicious product in a local store or a (flea) market, please contact us via legal@pumpcover.com. For any further background information or questions regarding the authenticity of a 4DH, LLC Pump Cover® branded product, or any related goods or services, please email: legal@pumpcover.com.

We rigorously investigate these matters, and appreciate all the leads and help from you.

We and your fellow customers who expect nothing but the best from 4DH’s Pump Cover® brand products thank you.  And we look forward to continuing to bring you the products you want and need.