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Pump Cover ®

History of the Pump Cover®
2017 - The Official Pump Cover® was created and trademarked
“The Pump Cover®. I always start my workout with a hoodie, zip-up, or long-sleeve shirt to get warmed up, get a sweat going, move some blood, and get a pump! After I am all warmed up and ready to let it rip... the Pump Cover® comes off and it's fucking go time!! Can't beat having a great gym hoodie…aka The Pump Cover®!”
- Seth Feroce, Instagram (Oct. 5th, 2017)

The Creation of PUMP COVER®
From an early age, IFBB Pro Bodybuilding and Co-Founder of All American Roughneck® and Axe & Sledge® Supplements, Seth Feroce was obsessed with all things bodybuilding, especially the PUMP. When it comes to building a legendary physique that’s worthy of professional status, getting a nasty pump every single workout is crucial.
So every time Seth Feroce stepped into the gym, his sole purpose was to get the biggest pump possible.
In addition to proper hydration, nutrition, and supplementation, Seth discovered that if you start your workouts wearing a hoodie, the pump occurred much faster and lasted even longer. From that moment on, the bodybuilding industry was changed with the invention of the that’s  Pump Cover®.
Not only did Seth coin the term Pump Cover®, he trademarked it because he knew that it was going to be something big. Over the years, there have been numerous copycats of the “pump cover”, but there’s only one official Pump Cover®!

The Pump Cover® Experience
The Pump Cover® is far from your standard hoodie... and here's why! The Pump Cover® is specifically designed for athletic movements, comfort, and durability. Not to mention, every time you where a Pump Cover® in the gym, everyone around you knows that you’re here to FXCK SH*T UP!
The Pump Cover® is iconic and it represents more than just getting a "pump" in the gym. It represents growth (physically and mentally), hard work, discipline, freedom, community, and passion.
The minute you put this hoodie on, you become a part of a community of hard-working M'fers that strive to become better in every aspect of life. We pride ourselves on making premium, custom apparel that stands out in a market saturated with imitators.

The Pump Cover® Redesigned
Since 2017, we've release numerous renditions of the Pump Cover®, and several of our loyal customers have made it a mission to collect them all! If you've been here since day one, you've experience the evolution of the Pump Cover®, but this time it's different!
Along with our new and improved super-strech material (95% cotton/5% spandex) which debuted in October 2021, we decided it's time to modernize the Pump Cover® with a new design!
With the ability to do even more customization, the Pump Cover® has evolved into it's own brand that leaves an impact on everyone that's a part of it!

United States of America

United States Patent and Trademark Office

4DH, LLC (Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company)
Reg. No. 6,367,819
Registered June 01, 2021
Int. Cl.: 25 - Apparel, namely, sweatshirts, sweat pants, hooded sweatshirts and t-shirts
Principal Register

First use 11-30-2017; in commerce 11-30-2017

The mark consists of standard characters without claim to any particular font style, size or color

SER. NO. 88-897,609, Filed 05-01-2020